Reasons Why Aaron Rodgers Should Retire and Never Look Back

Darren - December 2, 2022

Reasons Why Aaron Rodgers Should Retire and Never Look Back

Darren - December 2, 2022

Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest pro quarterbacks to ever throw a football, but it’s all going wrong for him. The four-time MVP is having a terrible time in 2022 and it may be time for him to hang up his cleats. Many analysts believe he should retire because he is declining and won’t win anything. Some people think that he is even holding the Green Bay Packers back.

Now we’ll look at the main reasons why this generational talent should retire. It’s a shame, but all good things come to an end. We’ll analyze Rodgers’ declining numbers as well as the changing perception of his character. Most fans agree that he isn’t the same person, never mind the same player now. Find out why this all-time great should retire now.

New York Post

He Can Leave On His Terms

One of the main reasons why Rodgers should retire now is that he will leave on his terms. It will prevent him from suffering the humiliation of the Packers benching him. First-round pick Jordan Love is waiting patiently for his chance and performed well in relief against the Eagles. This made some fans think that it’s time for the franchise to move on (via FOX News).

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The situation isn’t the same as when they had Brett Favre because he had no power. Rodgers’ ridiculous contract means that the two parties will stay together until he wants to quit. But they may make life uncomfortable for him by giving Love more game time. The writing is on the wall for the NFL’s most controversial quarterback.


No More Rings

It’s highly unlikely that the Packers will win another Super Bowl anytime soon. The team had a great chance in 2021 when they had a much stronger roster than this season. But now Rodgers is declining rapidly and they don’t have wide receiver Davante Adams. Yes, their defense was good on paper before the season, but now they require a rebuild.

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Even if Rodgers left the Pack he’ll struggle to find another competitive franchise. The Giants and the Jets may have quarterback openings in 2023. Yes, both of these teams are improving but they won’t be contenders. Perhaps Rodgers should retire if there’s no chance of securing another elusive ring.

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Outside Opportunities

Rodgers has a life outside of football and may choose to focus on his other interests. The California native has a stake in the Milwaukee Bucks. He also has an interest in pursuing a media career and may become an analyst. FOX signed Tom Brady to a 10-year deal worth $375 million and Rodgers could potentially get a comparable deal (via ESPN).

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Meanwhile, Rodgers has stakes in restaurants and launched a venture capital fund. He was also a guest host on Jeopardy and made a positive impression. Some fans believed that he did a great job and should take the role on a full-time basis. There’s no doubt that he has other opportunities that don’t involve brain trauma.

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Family Stability

Many NFL players struggle to maintain healthy family relationships because of their career demands. That’s because they spend a lot of time traveling during the regular season. Gisele Bundchen lost patience with Tom Brady and demanded a divorce because he put football over his family.


Rodgers is in a different position because he doesn’t have a ring on his finger. He almost married Shailene Woodley but she ended their engagement. That’s because she saw their relationship as being mostly on his terms. Perhaps he should retire to focus on finding himself and ensuring a happy life (via People).


Franchise Rebuild

Fans dread hearing the word ‘rebuild’ because they know it means a few years of their team not being very good at the least. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the Pack faces. They hoped that a strong defensive line and an elite quarterback would see them through the weak NFC. But they didn’t count on Rodgers suffering a stark decline.

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Rodgers should retire if he wants the franchise to improve but that’s not how the world works. They need to do something about his contract because it is holding the team back. Now it looks like they made a mistake and should have paid Davante Adams instead of their controversial quarterback (via CBS Sports).

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Young Man’s Game

The reality is that the NFL is a young man’s league. Most players retire by the age of 28 but Rodgers is 10 years older than that. He isn’t performing at the same level anymore because of his declining physical prowess. There’s no shame in that because it happens to everybody as age takes its toll (via Sportscasting).

Another challenge that older players face is that they become a minority in the locker room. Some of them struggle to relate to their younger teammates’ attitudes. It may be a change in culture that they don’t understand. Rodgers is one of the NFL’s elder statesmen now but perhaps he should retire.

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Bad Losses

In 2022, the Packers are suffering losses against teams that shouldn’t beat the reigning MVP. Everybody has a bad game once in a while but there’s no excuse for their Week Seven loss against Washington. Rodgers played terribly in this match in a humiliating defeat. Also, the team failed to record a single third-down conversion for the first time since 1999.

Washington Post

This was a dismal day for the Pack who expect far more from their team. History may look back on this edition of the franchise as one of the biggest underachievers of the decade. After emerging as a potential contender in 2021 they suffered a rapid decline. They also demonstrated shocking mismanagement (via USA Today Sports).

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All-Time Low (QBR)

Some people will read this and leave accusations of bias or sensationalism. But all of the statistics show that Rodgers is in a period of decline. Perhaps the 38-year-old will rebound and prove that he has more to give. However, history isn’t kind to older quarterbacks on mediocre teams.


Rodgers’ quarterback rating is at the lowest point of his career. He deserves some credit because he played through the pain barrier with a fractured thumb. But this toughness may not have helped his team who may turn to Jordan Love. It’s not over for Rodgers yet, but perhaps he should retire soon (via Fansided).

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Crazy Teammate

Some people think that Rodgers is the craziest individual in the NFL. That’s because he studies conspiracy theories and spouts all kinds of wild ideas. Former teammate DeShone Kizer explained this to the Breneman Show in 2022. Rodgers had a clean-cut image before it became clear that he was an anti-vaxxer (via US Magazine).


Allegedly, Rodgers asked his fellow quarterback if he believed in 9/11. The former Green Bay backup claimed that Rodgers believed it was an inside job. But he also believes in other outrageous conspiracies as Kizer explained. “Inner Earth, moon landing, reptile people,” Kizer said. “Y’all are laughing. Go do your research, I’m telling you.”

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Tarnished Brand

Two years ago, most NFL fans respected Rodgers because of his on-field brilliance. They didn’t have much to say about his personality but they liked him better than Tom Brady. Then he ruined his clean-cut image during the global health crisis after he misled doctors about his vaccination status (via N.Y. Post).


Meanwhile, stories emerged of his attraction to conspiracy theories. Now he is allegedly dating a self-proclaimed ‘witch’ in another eyebrow-raising move. Perhaps he enjoys annoying his publicists because he is making their jobs more difficult. Rodgers should retire and stop talking before he damages his brand even more.

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Nothing Left To Prove

Realistically, Rodgers should retire because he has nothing left to prove in the NFL. He has achieved everything that he can with a Super Bowl win, four MVP awards, and four All-Pro appearances. The 10-time Pro Bowler led the league in passing touchdowns twice and was also the Super Bowl MVP.


There is nothing left to play for any more unless he left and won a Super Bowl with another franchise. But he missed that shot when he rejected Denver to stay in Green Bay. It will be challenging for Rodgers to motivate himself if he doesn’t have a reason to pull on his cleats every day (via WISN).

San Francisco Chronicle

Lowest-Scoring Pack

This is the lowest-scoring Packers team since Rodgers took over as their starting quarterback (via Bleacher Nation). That’s a damning statistic that shows that the franchise is experiencing serious problems. This may also tempt Matt LaFleur to give Jordan Love an extended run in the team.

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According to statisticians, Green Bay fell to 22nd in completed passes and 20th in rushing. On paper, this makes them one of the weakest teams because they’re doing this in the NFC. Imagine how poor they’d play against the best AFC teams if they already struggle to put any points on the board.


Contract Mistake

Most people wouldn’t think that anybody would regret a $150 million contract extension. But Rodgers may think that he should have retired instead of continuing his career. 2022 isn’t going well for the controversial quarterback because his numbers are declining. He didn’t need the money because and has plenty of other revenue sources.

Green Bay Press-Gazette

Meanwhile, the Packers chased him like a scorned husband as they tried to lock him down. Now they wish that they traded him instead because the extension has harmed their rebuild chances. Even if Rodgers retires it will still leave a lot of dead money. That’s a problem for their front office because they’re in a difficult situation (via


Playoff Woes

Rodgers has a very mixed playoff record. Yes, he won a Super Bowl but many fans think that he’s an underperformer in clutch situations. Some people blame Mike McCarthy and think that the former Packers head coach held Rodgers back. But his performance in the 2021 postseason was poor and cost his team.

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The quarterback is 11-10 during the postseason with four Conference championship defeats. Meanwhile, half of these losses came on the final play of the game. This supports the argument that Rodgers is inconsistent when his team requires him to be at his best. It would be shocking if he retired and they suddenly improved (via Sportskeeda).

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Lockerroom Bully

Allegedly, Rodgers isn’t a good teammate and drives his fellow Green Bay players crazy. According to one unnamed NFL general manager, they think he’s a nightmare. This anonymous executive isn’t the first person to make this type of claim about the player. It’s safe to say they wouldn’t shed tears if he walked away.

New York Times

The unnamed GM told FanSided: “The guy’s selfish. His teammates don’t like him. Coaches don’t like him. It’s all about Aaron. They all deal with him because he’s a superstar. He helps guys make money and put food on the table for their kids, and people respect him for that (via Bleacher Report).”

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The Adams Effect

Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick knows what it takes to be an elite player. However, he doesn’t think that Rodgers is suffering a physical decline. Instead, he believes that the signal-caller is missing his former wide receiver, Davante Adams. The Packers traded Adams after they handed Rodgers a massive new contract extension.


“I don’t think age has anything to do with the decline of the entire team and the decline of his play,” Vick said (via Yardbreaker). I just think that not having Davante Adams, I think we all underestimated that situation. Just that connection and I think Aaron did the same thing.” Ironically, Green Bay couldn’t keep Adams because they paid Rodgers too much money.


Coaching Issues

There is tension between Rodgers and the Green Bay coaching staff. Cameras caught the quarterback giving Matt LaFleur a piece of his mind after the Dallas game. The Packers won the game, but this didn’t mellow Rodgers who tore into the head coach. Later, reporters asked him why he displayed his anger.


“Just every single play call, probably,” Rodgers moaned. “I felt like I threw the ball just about exactly where I wanted to, so I wanted a chance to go win the game.” Recently, LaFleur also defended his coaching staff and denied that he would change his offensive coordinator (via NBC Sports).

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Avid Golfer

A personal reason why Rodgers may retire is to pursue a life of leisure. Most people know that he loves to golf and may enjoy improving his handicap on the course. It’s difficult for professional athletes to dedicate time to their hobbies. Maybe Rodgers should retire and enjoy his life more (via Denver Post).

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He may even use this to develop his brand if he does it right. After all, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning entertained the masses during ‘The Match.’ Now it’s his turn to partner Brady to take on Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes. There’s life off of the football field and it’s time for Rodgers to experience it.


Generational Shift

NFL fans are witnessing a generational shift as the old guard ages and retires. The likes of Drew Brees and Philip Rivers retired with their heads held relatively high. Matt Ryan’s status in Atlanta serves as a warning to Tom Brady and Rodgers because he lost his place as a starter (via Sportskeeda).

L.A. Times

Meanwhile, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen lead the next generation as the most exciting quarterback duo. It’s a fascinating transition and it may that Rodgers’ time is at an end. Younger fans don’t care about the history of older athletes. They want to watch the younger players show their skills.


Worst Ratio

Rodgers had the worst ratio of interceptions and touchdown passes of his career after he suprisingly threw three against the Lions. The numbers improved slightly over the following couple of weeks. But he’s still on course to throw more interceptions than his worst season in 2010 (via Sports Illustrated).


Several factors may be contributing to this dramatic change. First, he is growing older and his arm may not be as strong. He also has a fractured thumb and this may affect his accuracy. Another reason is that he may think he’s throwing to Davante Adams but his current wideouts aren’t as good.

Green Bay Press-Gazette

Damaged Legacy

Every declining athlete knows the dangers of playing for too long. It doesn’t matter what they achieved when they were in their prime because younger fans didn’t see it. Instead, they’ll judge them on their current performances and tarnish public perceptions. It’s a shame but this is the reality of the world.


That’s why Rodgers should retire gracefully with his head held high. It’s a retrievable situation where nobody is begging him to quit yet. But he doesn’t want to suffer the indignity of Matt LaFleur benching him for Jordan Love. Yes, he’ll miss the bright lights of primetime but it’s better for his legacy (via The Cold Wire).


Nowhere To Go

Another problem for Rodgers is that there is nowhere to go if he wants to prolong his career. Any step he takes will be a sideways or backward move because all of the contenders want a young quarterback. The Jets may move on from Zach Wilson while Daniel Jones will probably leave the Giants.


But Rodgers is too expensive to be a stopgap solution for either of these teams. It seems that he should retire before it reaches the stage where nobody wants him. Nothing is worse than an athlete past the peak of his powers trying to find a home. He should look at the example of Cristiano Ronaldo in the soccer world and tread carefully.

L.A. Times

Lack Of Motivation

“I don’t feel like I have anything left to prove on the field,” Rodgers told FOX Sports in 2021. “I think it’s more about the enjoyment and the happiness and the quality of life that this game has afforded me over the years.” It’s lovely that he continued playing football because of its intrinsic value but this appears to have changed.


Now he’s criticizing his teammates and insulting fans on Pat McAfee’s show. It seems that he doesn’t enjoy being a star NFL quarterback anymore. He should retire because he has more than enough money. Rodgers doesn’t need to risk further injuries because he has a lot of opportunities off the field (via Bleacher Report).

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Too Much Drama

Some Packers executives may justifiably think that Rodgers should retire because he brings too much drama to the franchise. They didn’t appreciate the way he held the team to ransom during his contract extension negotiations. Then the team immediately suffered a downturn and they hold this against him.

The Athletic

His difficult personality isn’t helping matters either because he affects the overall franchise brand. “Sometimes there’s a lot of wisdom in being selective on what you say,” Rodgers told the New York Post in 2022. “This offseason I’ve spent a lot of time working on myself.” It’s a pity that he doesn’t practice what he preaches.


Mounting Injuries

Rodgers has been relatively robust throughout his career but 2022 isn’t going well for him. It’s normal for older players to experience more injuries as their bodies struggle to recover from intense games. But Rodgers is playing with a painful avulsion fracture in his thumb (via Sportsnet).

New York Times

He also suffered bruised ribs against the Eagles and thought that he may even have suffered a punctured lung. That’s when Jordan Love replaced him on the field and played with surprising maturity. Rodgers should retire because he has enough money not to put himself through the wringer anymore. It’s not worth it because he has secured his future and the next generation’s.


Losing Fan Love

Green Bay fans loved Rodgers before he manipulated the franchise in 2022. Now there is a lot of division and a strong core hates him. But this works both ways because the quarterback doesn’t have any respect for his critics. He told Pat McAfee that they can say whatever they like. Nonetheless, a parting of ways seems appropriate for both sides.

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“They can say whatever they want. Nothing’s going to sway that opinion, I don’t think,” Rodgers said. “I could come on here and extoll the virtues of my team and the hope for the future and the excitement about the present, but I think people who are bitter and angry, they kind of want to sit in that (via Sportscasting).”