These Gorgeous Female Athletes Prove That Strong Is Beautiful

Darren - May 2, 2023

These Gorgeous Female Athletes Prove That Strong Is Beautiful

Darren - May 2, 2023


Zhang Weili

Chinese MMA fighter Zhang Weili is a monster in the cage. But she has a very sweet personality in regular life and many fans find this very endearing. Zhang doesn’t care much about fashion or cosmetics like some of the athletes on this list. But she has a natural beauty and a great attitude that people love.


The UFC champion trains in the US and is a ferocious trainer. There are many videos of her ludicrous training programs as she doesn’t leave a stone unturned. Zhang shows that strong is beautiful by giving her soul to her sport. She has some amazing knockout victories that shocked fight fans everywhere (via SCMP).

L.A. Times

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

This Jamaican superstar is one of the greatest track stars ever. She has more Olympic medals than she knows what to do with and broke records across the board. Furthermore, she’s an inspiration because she won races after giving birth. Fraser-Pryce showed that there are no boundaries that a woman can’t cross.

Athletics Weekly

The iconic athlete possesses a powerful physique that gave her an advantage over many of her rivals. She also glows with delight after her victories as we can see above. Fraser-Pryce has an amazing smile and shows that strong is beautiful. People talk about Usain Bolt but she deserves as much respect as her fellow Jamaican (via Athletics Weekly).

South African

Eugenie Bouchard

Bouchard is one of Canada’s most popular athletes even if she’s arguably an underachiever. The tennis star rose to prominence after she reached the 2014 Wimbledon final. She became a top-five player but dropped down the ranks over the years. Nonetheless, she’s a great athlete and a beautiful woman (via The Sun).


The Canadian is also self-aware and is happy to turn her visual appeal into revenue. She is active on social media and fans thirst after her swimwear pictures. Luxury brands love attractive people and that’s why Bouchard always has endorsements. Even if she’s not the best tennis player, she still makes a lot of money.

Sky Sports

Lauren Sesselmann

Sesselmann is one of Canada’s most important soccer players. She’s also inarguably one of the most beautiful women in the sporting world today. The Canadian forward shows that being healthy and strong is more attractive than following a radical diet. Many female athletes are inadvertently more attractive than regular models.

Purdue Sports

This soccer star is also a successful fashion icon. Everybody knows that she’s a gorgeous person and she uses this to enhance her profile. There’s nothing wrong with this because it means she makes more money. An athlete’s career is short so she’s doing the right thing. Her loyal fans obsess over every Instagram photo because she looks fantastic (via Daily News Post).

The Japan Times

Miho Nonaka

Nonaka was one of the breakout stars of the Tokyo Olympic Games. The climbing star became an internet sensation because of her skills on the wall as well as her unique appearance. Nonaka enjoys dyeing her hair in bright shades and also wears distinctive make-up. She believes that strong is beautiful and embraces her femininity.

The Japan Times

Now the Japanese climber is one of the best in the world. A glance at her lean physique reveals that she is in sublime condition. Climbing is a demanding sport because it’s a full-body exercise. Athletes must have strong arms as well as explosive power in their legs. Nonaka is at the top of her game (via Climber News).


Olivia Dunne

There aren’t many college athletes on this list but Dunne is a special case. ‘Livvy’ has more Instagram followers than the reigning Olympic champion Sunisa Lee. She’s a superstar because fans love what they see. Yes, strong is beautiful but she also has model looks. That’s why she’s one of the most valuable NCAA stars today.

AP News

The LSU star is brilliant on social media and knows how to maximize her reach. Her photos attract hundreds of thousands of likes and many simps obsess over her. Dunne is a very good gymnast but she’s not the best. Nonetheless, she’s smashing life and will enjoy a successful modeling career when she leaves college (via The Guardian).

New York Post

Simone Biles

Biles is one of the most petite athletes on this list because she’s an elite gymnast. But this pocket rocket is one of the greatest Olympians ever with seven medals. She also won acclaim during the Tokyo Games as she openly confronted a mental health battle. This was very brave because many people judged her.

But none of these keyboard warriors should talk about her because she’s a born competitor. Many people think that Biles is one of the cutest sports stars out there today too. Yes, we should emphasize her talents because ultimately that’s what counts. Nonetheless, her attractive appearance helps her brand (via Clutchpoints).