These Offseason Dramas Prove Patrick Mahomes Is The Perfect Millennial Quarterback

Darren - September 16, 2022

These Offseason Dramas Prove Patrick Mahomes Is The Perfect Millennial Quarterback

Darren - September 16, 2022

Angry Fan Reaction

Mahomes made a fair point that people hold black quarterbacks to a different standard than their white counterparts. Unsurprisingly some NFL fans didn’t like this and went after him hard on Twitter. They pointed at the likes of Mitchell Trubisky and Baker Mayfield who endure a lot of abuse.

But there is a significant difference between Mahomes and athletes like Kirk Cousins. He is consistently brilliant and already brought a Super Bowl to his franchise. It’s better to compare him to Josh Allen or Joe Burrow because these stars rarely if ever receive any media abuse (via The Spun).

Sammy Watkins

Watkins joined the Green Bay Packers in 2022 and immediately dealt with football’s most tedious questions. Journalists put him on the spot and asked him who is the best quarterback he has played with. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that he chose his current teammate over his past (via Sporting News).

“I’ve been with both of them, and I’m gonna be honest,” he said. “I think Pat is unbelievably good, but A-Rod is on a whole different level,” he said in July. “He makes me calm just to be in the huddle with him.” Maybe this type of comment shouldn’t stir any off-season drama because he’s hyping up his current teammate, but it just added to the growing pile of Mahomes hate out there.

10-Year Deal

It’s been over two years since Mahomes signed a 10-year extension with the Chiefs. However, this contract hangs over the NFL like a massive shadow. It changed the landscape of the league because other quarterbacks pointed at it in their negotiations. Kyler Murray was the latest to put pen to paper over the summer.

But this was controversial too because the Cardinals included a videotape clause. They demanded that their quarterback commits to a specific amount of study per week. In the end, they removed it after Murray signaled his disgust. Mahomes included this in his takedown of black QB criticism and offseason drama (via Pro Football Network).


It may seem stupid but fantasy football has a big impact on how fans perceive Patrick Mahomes. Several sites describe him as an overrated quarterback but this doesn’t reflect his ability on the field. It just means that the game inflates his value compared to his peers because of his record.

This didn’t necessarily create a new off-season drama but it added to the narrative. Most sensible NFL fans see through this stupidity because they know how good Mahomes is. They feel that fans won’t appreciate Mahomes’ legacy and achievements until he retires (via ESPN).

Shut Up!

Plenty of NFL fans hated Brittney Matthews before she married Patrick Mahomes. They slated her appearance and claimed that the Kansas City quarterback could do better. It doesn’t matter that they’re childhood sweethearts and that she’s the backbone behind his success (via EOnline).

She defended her husband during the offseason drama that he faced. Ms. Mahomes told fans to shut up in a Tweet that polarized the masses. Some people appreciated the way that she tried to protect her family. But others thought that she was moronic and had nothing positive to say.

Broken Quarterback

In 2021, Ryan Clark made some infamous comments about Mahomes’ decline in form. He said: “He’s broken; Patrick Mahomes is broken, and he’s broken because he’s the same that he’s always been, and that’s no longer good enough.” These comments came before the offseason but they remained in the memory of many fans.

Mahomes’ critics enjoy pointing to Clark’s words and using them out of context. They ignore the fact that Clark revised his opinion after Mahomes improved over the following weeks. Fans are very selective about the information they consume and this can enhance an offseason crisis (via Heavy).

Air Share

Jet Endorsement

Mahomes gained a fresh endorsement during the 2022 offseason when Airshare agreed to a deal with the quarterback. It was good news for the Chiefs signal-caller because it means that he has a private jet at his disposal. But some critics said that he was losing the run of himself and was out of touch.

Air Techie

Perhaps this is because of Mahomes’ ethnicity and background. There’s definite jealousy toward the quarterback and the opportunities that he’s enjoying. Most people envy him but they don’t do so in a begrudging manner. But some trolls love hating the Kansas City icon (via FOX4 KC).

Brother Trouble

It doesn’t help that Mahomes’ brother Jackson is a Tik Tok parasite. The latter used his older and more famous sibling’s name to unlock online fame. However, many mature NFL fans can’t stand him and don’t want to hear about his exploits. Furthermore, Jackson has no class and regularly creates unsavory situations.


Several bars threw him out for unruly and entitled behavior. Meanwhile, several of Patrick’s past and present teammates can’t tolerate him either. It says a lot that Patrick didn’t invite Jackson to his bachelor party because he’s too immature. They’re family but he makes life difficult for his brother (via The Spun).

Intense Competition

Now the Chiefs must deal with increasingly intense competition in the AFC West. This is the strongest division on paper in the entire NFL with four excellent quarterbacks. Mahomes knows that the Broncos are a different prospect with Russell Wilson as their signal-caller.

Meanwhile, Derek Carr is one of the most underrated QBs in football today. The Raiders enhanced his weapons during the offseason so they’ll fancy their chances. Finally, Justin Herbert is the best young quarterback in the league right now and can change the Chargers’ fortunes (via L.A. Times).

MVP Favorite

NFL MVP tracker odds change all of the time. Josh Allen became the favorite in Week One of the 2022 season after an impressive early display. Meanwhile, the likes of Justin Herbert and Russell Wilson also contended. However, it’s amazing how few people put Mahomes in this conversation.

Rich Eisen said that Mahomes should be a perennial favorite but people don’t respect him enough. He defended the Kansas City quarterback after a season of ludicrous offseason drama. None of it had any basis in reality but Eisen felt obliged to offer his opinion (via Heavy).

Brett Favre 2.0?

Sean Payton became one of the latest figures to compare Patrick Mahomes to Brett Favre. The former Packers QB also won a Super Bowl but he never got his hands on a second ring. Payton said: “He had that – not just gunslinger – but he could torque his body and he could create speed on the ball without the feet having to be set or perfectly set.”

Some people think that the Favre comparison isn’t entirely positive. That’s because Favre was a brilliant if occasionally reckless gunslinger. But over time he offered less ball protection and this put his team in trouble. As Mahomes shakes off his offseason drama he’ll look to stamp his identity on the team (via Sporting News).

Bleacher Report

Reid’s Wisdom

Some people think that Andy Reid’s offensive brilliance is responsible for Mahomes’s success. It’s true in the sense that every elite quarterback benefits from a stable coaching presence. Look at Trevor Lawrence and the nightmare he dealt with in Jacksonville after the appointment of Urban Meyer.

Business Insider

However, it’s stupid to say that Reid is the only reason why Mahomes is brilliant. After all, Mahomes was a first-round draft pick and had an excellent record with Texas Tech. Then he came within a breath of playing in a Super Bowl in his first season as a starter (via Clutchpoints).

Anonymous Coaches

One of the most disturbing aspects of coaches criticizing Mahomes is that they’re always anonymous. This added to his offseason drama but it’s unfair because they hide their faces away. If they had the guts to stand behind their opinions it would be easier to respect them.

However, these villains stir up controversy while hiding behind the media. It’s ridiculous and we shouldn’t give them any credence because they don’t deserve it. Mahomes and his fellow athletes endure enough pressure without indulging these cowardly critics (via The Spun).

Sky Sports

Gonna Have A Long Day?

Tyreek Hill made some fiery comments after he left the Chiefs. Many people said that the franchise might struggle without him because none of Mahomes’ weapons stood out. Hill inflamed the situation with his words as he said that Mahomes would miss him a lot (via Essentially Sports).

He said: “I want the head coach to know that on Sundays, that defenses fear Tyreek Hill, that’s what I want the head coach to know. And the head coach does know that, though. “He knows that without the Cheetah on the field, he knows that, ‘Hey Pat you’re gonna have a long day today.”

Wedding Distraction

Mahomes married his childhood sweetheart Brittney Matthews in a lavish Hawaiian ceremony. However, it remained relatively low-key compared to other celebrity nuptials because Mahomes isn’t a wild personality. Another athlete may receive praise for marrying because it would be a sign of a stable lifestyle.

But Mahomes can’t make everybody happy and some critics said that this meant he wasn’t focused on football. It’s so stupid and shouldn’t instigate offseason drama. Unfortunately, this is the type of thing that trolls do all of the time. As a celebrity figure, Mahomes knows he must get on with it (via US Magazine).

Coordinator Defense

The unnamed coordinator received an unexpected defense from a Hall of Fame quarterback. Rams icon Kurt Warner said that critics may have taken the coach’s words out of context. He said that he didn’t mean to instigate offseason drama but was giving an insight into the defensive analysis (via New York Post).

“What I believe that coordinator was saying was we’ve got to figure out how do we stop Patrick Mahomes,” Warner explained. “So how we stop him is we try to take the first or the early reads away, and we try to force him to get away from the context and force him to try to make some of those special plays.”

‘Weird’ Criticism

Mahomes pointed out that black quarterbacks receive ‘weird criticism’ compared to their white counterparts. He believes that critics always talk about their athleticism rather than their mental capacity. His polarizing comments revealed the challenge that he and his fellow black QBs deal with (via Bleacher Report).

“We’ve got guys that can think just as well as they can use their athleticism,” he said. “It’s always weird when you see guys like me, Lamar, Kyler kind of get that on them when other guys don’t. But at the same time, we’re going out there to prove ourselves every day to show we can be some of the best quarterbacks in the league.”


The aforementioned unnamed coach made several comments to The Athletic about Mahomes’ ability. The public didn’t receive them well because they were ridiculous. However, their most scathing comment was the following. They said: “Take his first read away, what does he do? He runs, he scrambles, and he plays streetball.”

Mahomes is statistically one of the greatest quarterbacks who ever played an NFL game. To say that he plays ‘streetball’ is ridiculous because he won a Super Bowl in this style. He could easily have two more rings if things went his way. Sometimes offseason drama emerges from the dumbest statements.


One of the main reasons why offseason drama surrounded Mahomes is because of jealousy. Inwardly, people know that he’s a brilliant player and will break all kinds of records. But there’s no pleasing some of these small-minded folk who hold his success against him.

Mahomes secured financial freedom for future generations of his family. He also continues to achieve amazing things on the field as one of the NFL’s top players. Armchair fans watch him play and get upset because they’re not enjoying the same benefits (via Essentially Sports).