Beautiful NFL Wives and Girlfriends Who Stunned The Sports World

Darren - July 15, 2022

Beautiful NFL Wives and Girlfriends Who Stunned The Sports World

Darren - July 15, 2022

NFL players are some of the richest athletes on the planet. They’re also incredible physical specimens with huge muscles and towering bodies after years of training. It’s not surprising that they have some of the most beautiful wives and girlfriends in the world.

Some of those wives and girlfriends even become close to celebrities themselves due to their stunning beauty. Today we’ll look at the most gorgeous wives and girlfriends of the world’s best professional football players. This list is guaranteed to brighten up anybody’s day, so read on and enjoy.

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70. Claire Kittle

San Francisco 49er George Kittle is one of the NFL’s top tight ends but he is also a winner off the field. That’s because he’s in a long-term relationship with his wife Claire, a fellow fitness fanatic. Claire played basketball at Iowa before she evolved into a fitness trainer as well as a model.

Front Office Sports

Meanwhile, the pair have a beautiful relationship on the surface and regularly share special moments. Some celebrity couples are unbearable but the Kittles appears to make it work. Claire is one of the most endearing NFL wives and girlfriends (via Clutchpoints).


68. Holly Luyah

Forbes called Luyah one of the U.S’s 10 most influential fashion influencers. A model and stylist, she has legions of followers on social media but she makes this list because of her relationship with controversial football player Antonio Brown Jr. The Portland native is also an inspiration because she shows beauty comes in all forms.

Holly Luyah/Instagram

As a teenager, she recognized that she was never going to be a skinny girl and meet society’s unattainable beauty standards. However, she refused to allow this to crush her and changed the world. Now she’s one of the most
famous NFL wives and girlfriends with many admirers (via New York Post).

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68. Rachel Washburn

Maxx Crosby is a defensive end with the Las Vegas Raiders. However, reaching the NFL may not be his best achievement because he dates the scorching hot Washburn. Washburn is one of the most interesting of the wives and girlfriends on this list because of her unique background.


She grew up as the daughter of serving members of the military. Then she became a cheerleader for the Eagles before she became an army officer herself. Washburn currently works with a private military intelligence company, proving that she has brains as well as beauty (via Eonline).

Ashlyn Buckner/Instagram

67. Ashlyn Buckner

DeForest Buckner met his stunning wife-to-be when they studied together at the University of Oregon. The beautiful couple stayed together when he declared for the NFL draft and joined the 49ers. Currently, Buckner plays defensive tackle for the Indianapolis Colts (via The Sun).

The Sun

Meanwhile, Ashlyn is a former cheerleader for the Oregon Ducks, so it’s a classic relationship. The pair welcomed a baby boy into the world who must have some of the best genetics on the planet. Despite her good looks, Ashlyn keeps her life relatively quiet and only has a few thousand social media followers.

Claire Kirksey/Instagram

66. Claire Kirksey

Sam Darnold wastes all of the big opportunities that he has received in his life. He blew his opportunity to be a starting quarterback in the NFL with the Jets and the Panthers. Furthermore, he threw away his relationship with the beautiful Claire Kirksey after four years together.

Claire Kirksey/Instagram

Maybe we’re being harsh but Kirksey is a stunning woman. She studied hospitality at USC when she met Darnold and became intimate with him. Technically, she’s not a current NFL wife or girlfriend but she’s still worthy of a place on this list. Darnold can’t do anything right (via Aussie Celebs).


65. Breion Winston

Jameis Winston is one of the most recognizable quarterbacks in the NFL. He is also one of the happiest men off the field because of his wonderful wife, Breion. The pair appear to be very much in love and maintain a happy outlook in public. This inspires a lot of people who follow their moves online.


Allen played basketball at Rice University but opted not to turn professional. However, she’s still a winner because her husband is a multimillionaire athlete. Now she’s the mother to his children and one of the NFL’s most beautiful wives and girlfriends (via Bleacher Report).

U.S. Magazine

64. Brittney Matthews

Most people regard Patrick Mahomes as the best current NFL player. The Kansas City quarterback could date any woman in the world but he opted to marry his high school sweetheart. Matthews stuck with Mahomes through thick and thin before joining the ranks of the NFL’s wives and girlfriends.

USA Today Sports

She is also obsessed with fitness and a prolific social media user. Matthews is building her profile as an influencer and using her husband’s fanbase to increase her reach. She rubs some people up the wrong way but she makes Mahomes very happy (via Larry Brown Sports).

Ciandra Monique/Instagram

63. Ciandra Monique

Monique is one of the most striking of the NFL wives and girlfriends. She married her husband, Los Angeles Chargers receiver Keenan Allen, in a lavish ceremony after they dated for years. The pair are in a passionate relationship and continue to live their best lives together as their socials show (via 44 Bars).

Ciandra Monique/Instagram

Allen is one of the NFL’s best receivers and his choice of partner reflects his style of play. Monique has many distinctive tattoos adorning her arms and hands. She’s not afraid to be different unlike many of the squeaky-clean small-town girls that other footballers date (via 44 Bars).

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62. Te’a Cooper

Likeminded people attract each other, so it’s unsurprising that Cooper dates professional athletes. She had a relationship with Dwight Howard but is currently dating Alvin Kamara. The Saints running back may never win a Super Bowl but putting a ring on her finger would be a good consolation prize.

USA Today Sports

Cooper had a successful college basketball career before she entered the WNBA. She made a name for herself with the L.A. Sparks but they surprisingly released her. Meanwhile, this tall, powerful woman possesses beautiful looks and attracts some of the world’s top sportspeople (via HITC).

Taysom Hill/Instagram

61. Emily Nixon

Nixon is one of the rare NFL wives and girlfriends who eschews attention. She only has about 900 followers on Instagram and maintains a private profile. However, her quarterback husband provides glimpses into their happy relationship and he regularly declares his love for her.

Taysom Hill/Instagram

It appears as though she keeps a happy home in New Orleans for Hill. This Southern belle maintains a classical beauty so no wonder Hill doesn’t mind that if the Saints don’t start him. He’s a millionaire with an incredible wife and they’re having an incredible existence together (via The Focus).


60. Tae Heckard

Heckard is one of the most beautiful of the NFL’s wives and girlfriends. She’s also one of the most successful in her own right because she has an excellent acting career. The American-Korean also has an on-off relationship with Bills’ receiver Stefon Diggs (via Side Action).

Style Magazine

He allegedly met Heckard and another woman on the same night after the pair had a breakup. It appears as though they’re dating again but it’s difficult to be certain. Heckard is a stunning beauty with amazing curves and fantastic body confidence. Follow her Instagram profile to find out more.

59. Ashli Evans

Mike Evans is the Buccaneers’ most important wide receiver. He played a crucial role in the team’s Super Bowl victory in 2020 after Tom Brady joined the franchise. However, his most important relationship isn’t with his quarterback but with his partner, Ashli (via Essentially Sports).

Ashli Evans/Instagram

Evans is the mother to Mike’s children and manages a lot of their business affairs off the field. She is also responsible for the Mike Evans Foundation as the couple tries to do some good for the world. This beautiful woman is an incredible person as well as one of the NFL’s most striking wives and girlfriends.

Mahogany Jones/Instagram

58. Mahogany Jones

Deebo Samuel enjoyed a sensational 2021 season but his girlfriend overshadows his achievements. He’s dating Jones, a talented rapper and reality TV star. The body confident personality knows that she’s beautiful and she’s not afraid to share this with her fanbase.

Mahogany Jones/Instagram

It’s safe to say that she makes her footballer boyfriend very happy. Jones is also a musical ambassador and does a lot of positive work for charities. She’s a kind human being as well as a gorgeous one. Jones is the complete package and Samuel is the real winner here (via Cheat Sheet).

Serra Tumay/Instagram

57. Serra Tumay

Myles Garrett is one of the best defensive players in the NFL and stars for the Cleveland Browns. Meanwhile, his partner, Tumay, has a fascinating life too. She’s one of the league’s most beautiful NFL wives and girlfriends but she’s more than just a pretty face (via Tohum Nutrition).

Serra Tumay/Instagram

She played soccer before she embarked on a career as a nutritionist. Now she has her own company but she’s also active on social media. Tumay possesses striking looks because of her Turkish heritage and is a true beauty. No wonder Garrett finds her so appealing because she’s stunning and clever.

Devanne Adams/Instagram

56. Devanne Villareal

Davante Adams is one of the most talented wide receivers in the NFL today. It would take a special woman to attract him and that’s where Villareal enters the picture. The pair married in 2018 and have a baby together after agreeing to spend the rest of their lives together.

Devanne Adams/Instagram

Villareal is one of the prettiest women on the planet and enjoys a comfortable life as Adams’ wife. She keeps a relatively low profile as she raises their daughter. But her looks guarantee her a lot of followers even though she doesn’t work as a model (via Fanbuzz).

The Focus

55. Marissa Powell

Kyle Van Noy won a pair of Super Bowl rings with the New England Patriots. But the most important ring that he claimed came after he married Powell. The pair during their days in Utah and formed a relationship. Powell is a stunning woman and represented the Beehive State in the Miss USA pageant.

Hollywood Insider

Now she’s a charity worker as well as an entrepreneur. However, she’d agree that her main job is raising their child. It’s no surprise that this gorgeous woman has tens of thousands of fans. Many people think that she’s one of the most beautiful of the NFL wives and girlfriends (via Heavy).

The Source

54. Draya Michele

Tyrod Taylor joined the New York Giants in 2022 but this wasn’t the best move of his career. It’s more impressive that he succeeded in dating Draya, one of America’s rising celebrities. She has dabbled in modeling, acting, and other creative endeavors throughout her impressive life.


Meanwhile, she has almost nine million Instagram followers compared to Taylor’s 300,000. Her striking features are the result of her Italian and African-American heritage. She’s also one of the most independently successful of the NFL wives and girlfriends today (via N.Y. Post).


53. Tori Moore

Nick Foles is a legendary figure in Philadelphia after his career-defining performance in their most recent Super Bowl win. One of his other amazing achievements was making Moore fall for him. The pair makes one of the most glamorous couples in the entire football world (via Bustle).


Moore didn’t enter the spotlight until she married Foles, but now she’s one of the most popular of the NFL wives and girlfriends. This isn’t shocking because of her wholesome nature and her beautiful appearance. On the surface, the pair have a lovely relationship.


52. Jessie James Decker

Technically, Decker isn’t one of the current NFL wives or girlfriends because her husband retired from playing. But she’s too beautiful and successful to keep from this list. The country music artist built her career independently and is a star in her own right.

Country Living

Decker performed around the world and is a major player in her industry. She is also a stunning beauty and instantly captured the hearts of her many fans. The daughter of military veterans is also a massive supporter of the U.S. Armed Forces (via Country Living).

Elise Tate/Instagram

51. Elisa Pollard Tate

Golden Tate’s wife Elisa is one of the NFL’s most beautiful wives and girlfriends. The pair married in 2017 and started a family together. Mrs. Tate is a hard worker and has dabbled in many fields. She worked for one of the world’s biggest recruiting firms and even wrote a children’s book.

Elise Tate/Instagram

In the past, Elisa interned with Alaska Airlines but this must feel like a different lifetime. Now the stunning mother of two has an incredible life with an NFL star. Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors but it appears as though they have everything they could want (via Player’s Bio).


50. Kealia Watt

J.J. Watt is already an NFL legend so it stands to reason that he’d date a gorgeous woman. His wife Kealia is a true beauty but there’s more to her than this. She’s also a professional athlete who plays soccer for the Chicago Red Stars and the USWNT (via People).

Sports Wire

It’s not easy playing in different cities and traveling all over the USA but the couple makes it work. Every relationship has its challenges but the Watts are doing what they love. They understand that an athlete’s career is short but they make it count during the offseason.

Crymson Rose/Instagram

49. Crymson Rose

CeeDee Lamb is one of the fastest players in the NFL and plays for the Dallas Cowboys. He raced ahead of many of his teammates in dating one of the most beautiful women from Oklahoma. We’re talking about his stunning model girlfriend Rose (via Bro Bible).

Crymson Rose/Instagram

Rose has a history of dating sports stars and also dated NBA player Trae Young. However, now she’s sunk her claws into Lamb and won his heart. The pair makes one of the most glamorous and attractive couples in football.

Brianna Perry/Instagram

48. Brianna Perry

Perry is one of the most exciting female hip-hop artists in the U.S. today. She’s also interesting because she is dating Khalil Mack, a fearsome NFL linebacker. Mack’s defensive play convinced the Chicago Bears to give him a massive contract but now he plays for the Los Angeles Chargers.


Perry is one of the few constants in his life over the past couple of years. With her incredible looks and musical talent, it’s not difficult to see why she infatuates him. Now, she’s also the mother to his child as they look to have a family together. This is like ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ but in real life (via Oxegyn).

Bachelor Nation

47. Sydney Hightower

Hightower was one of the stars of The Bachelor but she found love outside of the reality TV show. She married the NFL star Fred Warner and has a happy relationship with him. Now she’s one of the most attractive NFL wives and girlfriends today (via U.S. Magazine).

Bachelor Nation

The picture above shows how much Warner loves his beautiful wife. It’s not surprising because she has an amazing personality as well as a gorgeous appearance. Furthermore, she has a dedicated fanbase away from the world of football and is a success in her own right.

Page Six

46. Brittany Brees

Drew Brees retired in 2021 but his wife is still worthy of a place on this list. Brittany has a mature beauty and could teach some of the other women here a few lessons about class. She’s one of the most popular NFL wives and girlfriends because of her charitable work.

Page Six

The Brees couple worked with Hurricane Katrina victims and tried to rejuvenate impoverished communities in their beloved New Orleans. She has a huge heart as well as a stunning appearance. It’s no wonder that Drew is madly in love with the mother of his children (via Detroit News).

WT Foot

45. Kennedi Johnson

Johnson is one of the most stunning NFL wives and girlfriends. The model has a distinct style that has captivated many people because she’s not afraid to stand out in a crowd. She is currently in a relationship with Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Marquise Brown but she’s a strong and independent woman.

WT Foot

The model has striking natural looks but her alternative style attracts many fans. Brown and Johnson met during their undergraduate days in college but maintained their connection. It would have been easy for Brown’s head to turn when he became famous but he can’t do better than the woman he is with (via 5 Score).

The Times

44. Shailene Woodley

Woodley is one of the most famous women on this list with a very successful acting career under her belt. She received Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for her roles in movies and television. Meanwhile, she also dated Aaron Rodgers until their relationship recently ended.

USA Today

Rodgers has a penchant for dating powerful women including NASCAR icon Danica Patrick. However, he proposed to Woodley before they broke off their engagement. This disappointed many of their fans but it may have been a lucky escape for the Hollywood star (via Daily Mail).

Meredith Sutton/ Instagram

43. Meredith Sutton

Tristan Wirfs knew that everything was going right in his life when Tampa Bay made him a first-round draft pick. However, that may not even be his greatest achievement when we look at who he is dating. Wirfs is in a relationship with Sutton, who is also an elite volleyball player.

Meredith Sutton/ Instagram

Many athletes date because they can relate to the trials and tribulations that they experience. Meanwhile, they also have incredible genetics so it’s unsurprising that they find each other attractive. Sutton is another example of a beautiful sports star who found her NFL soulmate (via Sports Gossip).

Natalie Newman/Instagram

42. Natalie Newman

Drew Lock might not be the best quarterback in the NFL but it doesn’t matter because he has a gorgeous partner. Newman is one of the hottest of the league’s wives and girlfriends as her Instagram proves. Lock is a lucky man because he captured the heart of a stunning human being.

Natalie Newman/Instagram

Newman is an occasional model and a fitness fanatic but she appears to enjoy life more than anything. She provides balance for Lock’s existence away from the field because she makes him very happy. One glance at this beautiful woman shows why he feels so strongly about her (via Page Six).

Jazmyn Jones/Instagram

41. Jazmyn Jones

After several years in the wilderness with the Detroit Lions, Marvin Jones joined the Jaguars. He brought his wife Jazmyn with him to Florida and the pair became the talk of the town. That’s because Jazmyn is a stunning beauty who is also the mother of his six children (via Detroit Sports Nation).

Jazmyn Jones/Instagram

Jones jets around the country playing football and making money for his family. Meanwhile, Jazmyn has the tough job of raising their brood and ensuring a stable home life. The pair make it work between him but she always gives him a reason to come back.

Erica Donald/Instagram

40. Erica Donald

Aaron Donald is one of the most formidable NFL players in history but he met his match. We’re talking about his beautiful wife, Erica, who is also the mother of his child. The pair keep their life relatively private but maintain a happy exterior for the world to see (via FirstSportz).

Erica Donald/Instagram

The defensive tackle is a quarterback’s nightmare but he makes life a dream for his family. Erica previously worked in the Rams’ communication department before meeting Donald. Then they forged a relationship and the rest is history. There’s no chance that he’s ever letting her slip through his grasp.


39. Nessa

Technically, Colin Kaepernick never retired from football so we’ve no qualms about including his partner, Nessa, on this list. She’s also one of the most beautiful of the NFL wives and girlfriends with an interesting personality. The Egyptian-American is a famous TV host and has a lot of talents.


Meanwhile, Nessa maintains numerous charitable interests and works with her community. It’s not surprising that she finds Kaepernick attractive because of his work as a social activist. The pair make a wonderful and attractive power couple with a lot of influence in U.S. society (via Bustle).


38. Kelly Stafford

Matthew Stafford is a winner on the field with the L.A. Rams but he also has a lot of achievements in regular life. A glance at his wife Kelly proves that he’s doing something right. She’s a former cheerleader while he’s an elite quarterback so their relationship is straight out of Friday Night Lights.

Hollywood Life

Now they’re one of the most glamorous couples in the NFL but they remain down to earth. It would be easy for Stafford to forget about everything when he looks at his beautiful wife. But she gives him the motivation to work hard and earn a living for her and future generations (via Glamour).

Sophie Scott/Instagram

37. Sophie Scott

Everything is perfect in Mac Jones’s life right now because he is the starting quarterback for the Patriots. Meanwhile, things are going well away from football because he has a beautiful girlfriend. He met Scott during his time with the Crimson Tide.

Sophie Scott/Instagram

The pair regularly post updates about their life together and appear to be blissfully in love. It’s wonderful to see two young people having an amazing time together. Scott’s cheeky smile and slim body have earned her thousands of fans on social media (via Clutchpoints).

Dallas Morning News

36. Morgan LaMasters

Kyler Murray is one of the most exciting young quarterbacks in the NFL right now. It’s no surprise that a man of his charms and magnetism attracted a beautiful partner. He is in a relationship with LaMasters, one of the NFL’s most beautiful wives and girlfriends.

Fab Wags

The pair have been together for several years but show no signs of cracks in their connection. It’s lovely to see their loyalty and how happy they are together. Hopefully, they maintain their bond and continue to enjoy a great time together (via ABTC).

Pride of Detroit

35. Melissa Gonzalez

David Blough is one of the rare NFL players on this list whose wife may be a better athlete than him. The Lions’ backup quarterback is dating Gonzalez, an Olympic hurdler. The Colombian-American received the love of Detroit when she competed in Tokyo.

Pride of Detroit

She didn’t win a medal but she won the hearts of many fans because of her scorching looks. It doesn’t matter if Blough never establishes himself as a top quarterback because he’s making money and has a beautiful wife. Their kids will have the greatest genetics ever (via ESPN).


34. Marissa Mowry

Trevor Lawrence is incredibly young but he has organized his life meticulously. The former Clemson star became the first-overall draft pick in 2021 after a stunning college career. Meanwhile, he married his sweetheart Mowry in an elegant ceremony (via New York Post).

Sports Illustrated

The pair are a true power couple and are achieving amazing things together. Mowry became a social media star because of her affiliation with Lawrence. Her beautiful appearance earned her legions of followers and she’s become a fashion inspiration for many of them.

Olivia Holzmacher/Instagram

33. Olivia Holzmacher

Joe Burrow is arguably the coolest figure in the NFL today. The LSU product helped fire the Bengals to their third Super Bowl appearance. In the end, they suffered a narrow defeat to the Rams but they held their heads high. Furthermore, Burrow had the charms of Holzmacher to go back to after the game.

12 Up

His love interest eased his woes with her beautiful appearance and warm personality. She captured his heart in college and the pair are continuing their relationship. Many NFL players marry their college sweethearts because they know that they can trust them (via


32. Perry Matfield

One of the stars of “In The Dark,” Matfield is a recognizable face on TV screens. Indeed, Mark Sanchez isn’t an active NFL player but the veteran quarterback had a long career. Meanwhile, Matfield is probably more famous than her husband at this point because of her success as an actress.

Daily Hawker

Matfield is a rising star and looks to move on to even bigger projects. With her dramatic looks and powerful charisma, it would be no surprise to see her move into movies. No wonder Sanchez is enraptured with his stunning wife because she’s becoming an icon (via Screenrant).


31. Sarah Marshall Ryan

Matt Ryan is another elite NFL player who married a sports star. His wife, Sarah, is a former basketball player and enjoyed her time with Maine. She set a bunch of records during her college career before settling down with her superstar husband (via Fansided).

Sarah Ryan/Instagram

Now she’s enjoying life in Indiana after they moved from Atlanta. As Ryan is one of the oldest active NFL quarterbacks, his wife isn’t the youngest person on this list. But she proves that age is just a number as she carries her beauty into maturity.

Breanna Young/Instagram

30. BreAnna Young

DeAndre Hopkins doesn’t like to make his private life public. but it’s believed he’s dating Young. She is an Instagram model with tens of thousands of followers because of her good looks. She’s clever too because she’s able to maximize her appeal online (via Egotastic Sports).

Breanna Young/Instagram

Many people think that Hopkins is a lucky man because of her incredible looks. A glance at her social media profiles proves that she’s one of the hottest NFL wives and girlfriends. However, there’s more to a person than what’s on the surface and it appears that she has a sweet personality.


29. Dani Rhoades

T.J. Watt followed in his brother’s footsteps in several ways. First, he became one of the most dominant defensive talents in the entire league. But he also entered into a relationship with a female soccer player. Watt is currently devoting his passions to the alluring Rhoades (via E-News).

Dani Rhoades/Instagram

Rhoades plays her club soccer in Iceland but represents the USWNT. She’s beautiful and athletic so it’s easy to see why Watt loves her. The soccer player is also one of the most popular U.S. stars on social media. Many fans find her numerous charms appealing but that’s not a surprise.

Brittany Williams/Instagram

28. Brittany Williams

It’s safe to say that Josh Allen is a very happy man. The Buffalo Bills quarterback is the best player to represent the franchise in this position since Jim Kelly. He earned a cult following in upstate New York because of his playoff exploits with the team.

Brittany Williams

Meanwhile, his girlfriend also dazzles the fanbase because of her incredible body. Williams is a model and socialite with a beautiful appearance. She’s one of the most entrancing of the Bills’ wives and girlfriends because of her scintillating looks (via Hollywood Life).

Go Ducks

27. Ronika Stone

Unsurprisingly, Stone maintains an NFL connection because her father was a Pro Bowl star. Then, she dated Jordan Love who now plays for the Packers. Meanwhile, Stone built her athletic reputation as a top volleyball player.

Go Ducks

Many NFL wives and girlfriends linger in their partner’s shadow but Stone enjoyed her sporting success. She was one of the top Pac-12 volleyball players and her charisma also entertained her fans. The Ducks miss her since she graduated and became a professional (via N.Y. Post).


26. Keeta Vaccaro

Tyreek Hill disappointed a lot of Kansas City fans when he left the franchise for Miami. But there is a bright side to this move because it means his fiancee Vaccaro will wear bikinis more often. The dazzling beauty loves to dress in different swimsuits and post revealing photos on social media.


Vaccaro has her own clothing label and is also a fitness influencer. Her curvy body inspires a lot of women to embrace their looks because she’s not afraid to flaunt her skin. Furthermore, her legions of fans love to see her body confidence and agree that Hill is a lucky man (via HITC).

New York Post

25. Abbey Gile

Zach Wilson has made several idiotic decisions in his life. Firstly, he joined the New York Jets, one of the most dysfunctional franchises in the NFL. Then, in 2022, he allegedly cheated on his girlfriend with his mother’s best friend. In short, he threw one of the worst interceptions of his career.

Larry Brown Sports

Then Gile sacked the quarterback and deleted her social media. That’s the worst part of this for her fans because they can’t see her stunning pictures anymore. Wilson deserves all of the hate that he receives because he humiliated this poor gorgeous woman (via Reporter Door).


24. Katherine Webb

A.J. McCarron has a very comfortable existence as a backup quarterback. He knows that he’ll make millions of dollars without suffering many severe concussions. Meanwhile, his wife Katherine is one of the most stunning NFL wives and girlfriends (via US Magazine).

Fan Buzz

Most people assume that only the best players attract gorgeous women but that’s not true. McCarron has had a solid career without changing the world. But his partner is one of the most striking people on the planet. If she walked into a room everybody would stop and look at her.


23. Madison Wentz

It’s always lovely when an NFL player marries their high school sweetheart. That’s exactly what Carson Wentz did after he proposed to the woman he loves. His life partner, Madison gives off “girl-next-door” vibes and it’s clear why he finds her so appealing (via Fanbuzz).


The pair have known each other for years and stayed together. Wentz appreciates her loyalty and support throughout tough times. Even when things don’t go well on the field, he knows that she’ll always be there for him and that’s what matters.

Tianna Harris/Instagram

22. Tianna Harris

Some people describe Harris as an Instagram model but this completely overlooks her athletic achievements. She represents Kent State as a soccer player and even captained the team. Her leadership qualities almost outshine her good looks but perhaps not quite!

Tianna Harris/Instagram

They also attracted the attention of Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson. The pair are allegedly in a romantic relationship and join the ranks of the NFL’s most athletic couples. It remains to be seen if Harris chooses to pursue a professional soccer career but she could be a fashionista (via Side Action).

Tondrea David/Instagram

21. Tondrea David

Lavonte David reached the pinnacle of his sport by winning a Super Bowl with the Buccaneers. The linebacker played a crucial role in his team’s success but didn’t do it alone. He values his teammates but also cares a lot about his family as his social media proves (via Baby List).

Lavonte David/Instagram

The most important member of his clan is his wife, Tondrea. She holds down the fort when he’s flying across the continent and playing in other cities. This glamorous figure has a strong personality and is a key reason behind his success. A weaker woman wouldn’t enable him to be his true self.

Amy Paternoster/Instagram

20. Amy Paternoster

Paternoster made headlines in 2022 after her boyfriend became the only selected quarterback in the first round of the 2022 Draft. We’re talking about Kenny Pickett, who joined the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, Paternoster stole his hype because of her good looks and cheeky smile.


Meanwhile, she’s a successful athlete in her own right as she plays soccer for Princeton. The diminutive player has a growing fanbase because of her skills, good looks, and personality. Furthermore, she accepted Pickett’s marriage proposal so the couple will stay together (via New York Post).

Taylor Bisciotti/Instagram

19. Taylor Bisciotti

Bisciotti might not like it but she has cougar status after ensnaring the affections of Justin Herbert. The Atlanta native is one of the faces of the NFL Network and forged a relationship with the young Chargers’ quarterback. It’s easy to see why Herbert enjoys her company.

Celeb Life

It’s also very flattering for Herbert because Bisciotti talks to many NFL players every week. But now they’re together and a happy couple. Bisciotti has almost 90,000 followers on Instagram and is one of the most popular media personalities in the sport (via Side Action).


18. Anna Kupp

Cooper Kupp was the most exciting presence in the Rams’ 2021 Super Bowl conquest. He also has one of the most gorgeous NFL wives and girlfriends as well as a ring. Kupp and Anna were high school sweethearts before they went to separate colleges.


However, Anna transferred because she wanted to be closer to her true love. Now the pair are married and one of the most devoted couples in the entire league. It’s a wonderful story that doesn’t often happen today in the world of online dating and one-night stands (via The Sun).

Allison Kuch/Instagram

17. Allison Kuch

Isaac Rochelle played for the Chargers and the Colts before moving to Cleveland in 2022. Arguably the greatest achievement of his life was not making it to the NFL but meeting Kuch. The social media star regularly posts videos to TikTok and Instagram as well as glimpses into her glamorous life.


The pair met when Rochelle played for the Fighting Irish and stayed together when he made it to the NFL. It’s nice that they maintained their love despite all of the obstacles they face. Kuch and Rochelle are constantly traveling but value every moment that they have together (via Daily Mail).

Sasha Lee/Instagram

16. Sasha Lee Dindayal

Antonio Gates had an outstanding career after everybody doubted him. He went undrafted before signing with the Chargers as a free agent. Gates spent his entire NFL tenure in L.A. But there was another constant in his life. We’re talking about his gorgeous wife, Dindayal.

Sasha Lee/Instagram

The model is one of the most captivating of the NFL wives and girlfriends. There aren’t many of them who are the full package but she has everything. Dindayal has an amazing curvy body and a seductive pout that leaves men weak at the knees (via Sportskeeda).

The Spun

15. Emily Wilkinson

Baker Mayfield had a rough offseason in 2022 but there was one positive in his life. His wife, Emily, ensured that he had a strong family support network during a challenging time. She motivated him to seal a move to the Carolina Panthers after turbulent time with the Browns.


Hopefully, the couple has a better life in Charlotte than they did in Cleveland. Wilkinson works as a social media influencer and media personality. Allegedly, Wilkinson had no interest in Mayfield when they first met because she didn’t want to date a football player (via Essentially Sports).

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14. Rachel Bush

These days Jordan Poyer is one of the Bills’ most important players. He is also living the dream because he married an OnlyFans model. Bush has thousands of subscribers as she flaunts her body on the site. The mother-of-one has a lot of admirers (via News Unzip).

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Some insecure men might not like their wives stripping off in front of the world for money. But Poyer has no issue with Bush doing her thing and supports her efforts. The pair maintain a happy relationship and have a more sustainable family than most Americans.

Jenna Berman

13. Jenna Berman

There are a lot of good things in Nick Bosa’s life right now. The two-time Pro Bowler is one of the league’s top defensive ends. He also has a gorgeous girlfriend and appears to be enjoying a great time with her. His partner, Jenna is a true stunner with scintillating looks.

Jenna Berman/Instagram

The Instagram model resembles Margot Robbie with her blonde hair and blue eyes. Don’t check her accounts in the morning because her routine will depress ordinary people. She lives in a bikini and regularly travels across the world to exotic locations (via Complex).

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12. Eugenie Bouchard

Indeed, Bouchard is no longer dating Mason Rudolph. But it’s impossible to ignore her because she’s one of the most stunning athletes on the planet. Some people think that she’d be more successful as a full-time model because of her gorgeous appearance (via EuroSport).

The Spun

The tennis player dated the quarterback for several years before their relationship came to an end. His loss is somebody else’s massive gain because she was one of the NFL’s hottest wives and girlfriends. Only time will tell if she goes steady with another football player in the future.

Natalie Buffett/Instagram

11. Natalie Buffett

It’s not easy being the quarterback of America’s Team because of the weight of expectations. However, Dak Prescott has done it as well as anybody since Troy Aikman. Meanwhile, the QB has a beautiful partner away from the field and we’re not talking about Ezekiel Elliot.

Natalie Buffett/Instagram

Buffett works as a model for various fashion brands and also promotes her image on social media. She’s an appropriate match for one of the NFL’s biggest stars. They also make a very attractive couple because they have incredible genetics and look fantastic (via Out Kick).

Monica Giavanna/Instagram

10. Monica Giavanna

Jalen Ramsey has a very controversial dating history. He’s not afraid to make decisions that other people wouldn’t dream of. This included breaking up with Golden Tate’s sister while she was pregnant. But one of the things that he did right was dating Giavanna.

Monica Giavanna/Instagram

It appears as though Giavanna and Ramsey have a more sustainable relationship. Even if they’re just having a good time that’s fine because they aren’t hurting anybody. He can’t do worse than walking out on his baby mama but Giavanna doesn’t mind about that (via The Sun).

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9. Brynn Chandler

2022 could be the best year of Trey Lance’s life. It appears as though he’s about to oust Jimmy Garoppolo as the Niners’ starting quarterback. Meanwhile, he’s also dating one of America’s most attractive volleyball players. Chandler stars for Georgia and is a brilliant player.

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However, not everybody follows her because of her skills with a ball. They admire her beautiful appearance and consider Lance to be a very lucky guy. It’s always interesting to see the different types of people that NFL players date. An athlete appears to be a natural fit (via Clutchpoints).

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8. Raine Michaels

Matt Corral has a lot of competition for the Panthers’ starting quarterback spot. But there is one area where is a winner and that’s in his relationship. He’s dating the stunning Michaels, a beautiful model. She even appeared in Sports Illustrated in a glamorous photo shoot.

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Corral is doing something right because he’s attracted one of the most beautiful of the NFL’s wives and girlfriends. Michaels has a curvy physique that would leave many regular men breathless. She’s a head-turner so we’re not surprised that Corral fell for her (via Sportskeeda).

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7. Christen Harper

It appears that every NFL quarterback is dating one of the world’s most beautiful women. Jared Goff failed to make the grade as the Rams’ starter before replacing Matthew Stafford in Detroit. Meanwhile, his girlfriend, Christen possesses scorching looks (via Sports Illustrated).


Some people think that she’s the most attractive of the NFL’s wives and girlfriends and they might be correct. Furthermore, they like to socialize and attend public events together so there are plenty of photos of their relationship. Harper and Goff like to live their best lives together.


6. Gisele Bundchen

Bundchen is the undisputed queen of the NFL’s wives and girlfriends. The supermodel met Tom Brady in 2006 and their relationship went from strength-t0-strength. She became a style icon and appeared on the covers of some of the most prestigious magazines in the world.


Furthermore, the Brazilian icon represented massive brands like Pantene and other products. Bundchen and Brady appear to have a happy home life. She was one of the main reasons why he decided to move to Florida after he departed from the New England Patriots (via Vogue).

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5. Ciara

Ciara and Russell Wilson are one of the most powerful couples in the entire NFL. With over 30 million followers, she’s an icon in her own right. The Grammy-award-winning artist supports her Super Bowl quarterback husband in everything that he does (via Parade).

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Her beauty is similar to that of superstars like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. Ciara is an instantly recognizable figure and has dabbled in many areas of the media. She acted in TV shows and worked as a model because of her mesmerizing appearance. Wilson is one of the luckiest men on the planet.

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4. Camille Kostek

Rob Gronkowski was one of the NFL’s most popular players because he loves to have fun. The party animal ran rampant during his youth but he’s a steadier presence now. That’s primarily because of his girlfriend, Kostek, who is one of the league’s most beautiful wives and girlfriends.

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The swimsuit model is incredibly attractive so it’s not shocking that he is in love with her. The Nutmeg State should rename itself after Kostek because she is its greatest product. The pair met in 2015 and have spent almost a decade together (via FOX News).

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3. Kayla Nicole

Until recently, Nicole was dating one of the most important members of the Kansas City roster in tight end Travis Kelce. She is a regular presence at many parties and social events across the U.S. Furthermore, she helped Kelce to build his brand.

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Meanwhile, she’s all about body positivity and wants women to feel comfortable in their skin. That’s a great attitude to have and her social media followers enjoy the product. She isn’t afraid to flaunt her body in revealing outfits and swimwear (via New York Post).


2. Lauren Tannehill

When people think of NFL wives and girlfriends, Tannehill is one of the first they’ll mention. She married the Titans’ quarterback, Ryan, in 2012 and maintains a dedicated relationship with him. The pair have two children and appear to be happy together.

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With her blonde hair and girl-next-door appearance, Tannehill is the stereotype of a classic NFL wife. The tiny Texan is a devoted Christian and works with several charities. She’s also a constant presence at Ryan’s side in photoshoots as they have a close bond (via Bleacher Report).

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1. Olivia Culpo

Whisper it, but Christian McCaffrey might be the luckiest man in America. He’s dating the former Miss Universe, Culpo, and appears to be keeping this beautiful woman happy. The running back ensures that he’s at her beck and call because she’s the image of perfection.


The pair make a glamorous couple and often attend social events together. Culpo may be even more famous than her NFL star husband because of her success as a model. She has a massive social media following and regularly works with famous brands (via Yahoo).