Hidden Gems: NFL Players Who Came Out Of Nowhere To Shock Fans

Darren - January 26, 2023

Hidden Gems: NFL Players Who Came Out Of Nowhere To Shock Fans

Darren - January 26, 2023

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Geno Smith

Technically, Smith had a long and nomadic NFL career but it feels like he came from nowhere currently. He became Seattle’s undisputed starter after Russell Wilson was sent off to the Broncos. Everybody wrote him off and said that the Seahawks had one of the weakest quarterback rooms in the league. They laughed at the prospect of Smith and Drew Lock competing to play.

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But Smith had a brilliant season as he fired the Seahawks to the playoffs against the odds. He produced better statistics in many areas than the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. It was fantastic to see because most people thought he would be a stop-gap. Instead, he was the answer and a Comeback Player of the Year candidate (via The Ringer).


Adam Vinatieri

Did anybody love his job more than Vinatieri? The kicker spent an astounding 24 seasons in the NFL before he retired as the league’s oldest player. The 46-year-old could have been his teammates’ father before he finally quit the sport. His brilliant career came against the odds after he went undrafted (via Washington Post).

Boston Globe

Vinatieri spent a brief period in NFL Europe in Amsterdam before he joined the Patriots. He won a remarkable four Super Bowls with several crucial field goals along the way. Meanwhile, he had a great period with the Colts and was one of the most reliable kickers in the sport. His consistency was a testament to his dedication to being the best.

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Johnny Unitas

Some athletes change the way we play a sport and Unitas was one of them. The former Baltimore Colts’ star was the first true modern quarterback. Amazingly, he spent 18 seasons in the NFL because he came out of nowhere. The Steelers made him a late-round draft selection before releasing him.

Sports Illustrated

This was a massive mistake but they had no idea that he was going to become of football’s greatest quarterbacks. He proved them wrong when he joined the Colts and won three NFL Championships. The 10-time Pro Bowler also won a Super Bowl during his outstanding tenure with the franchise (via Baltimore Magazine).

Bleacher Report

Stefon Diggs

Diggs is one of the top wide receivers of today’s era but nobody expected him to be so good. These days the best wideouts go in the first or second rounds of the Draft. But Diggs fell to the fifth round when the Vikings took him in 2015. He embarrassed the scouts with some great displays for the franchise as he came out of nowhere.

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Everybody knows about the Minneapolis Miracle but he isn’t a one-hit-wonder. Diggs also had a key role in helping the Bills reclaim their position as an AFC force. Quarterbacks appreciate when their receivers are as capable as Diggs because it makes them look better. Even if he never wins a ring he’s still an all-time great (via Irish Mirror).


Jason Kelce

Everybody loves to hate the Eagles but it’s impossible not to respect Kelce. The imposing center is living a fairytale story after he fell to the sixth round of the 2011 draft. Scouts have an obsession with size and they didn’t think that he was big enough for the position. But the best athletes adapt to a situation and turn their weaknesses into strengths.

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Kelce proved this because he became a key member of the Eagles’ roster. He’s also one of the most consistent NFL players of the past decade with six Pro Bowl selections. Kelce was a key member of their remarkable Super Bowl-winning team in 2017. It’s no surprise that the city of Philadelphia adores him (via


Bart Starr

The Packers have had some outstanding quarterbacks throughout their history. Before Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre, there was the brilliant Starr. However, unlike Favre and Rodgers, nobody expected Starr to be a breakout star. He came out of nowhere after the Packers made him the 200th overall pick in 1956.


That’s right, the Alabama QB fell to the 17th round of a grueling draft. But he belied his lowly status and emerged as the starter in his third season. Then he became a franchise legend in Green Bay’s most successful period. They won five NFL Championships and two Super Bowls with Starr playing a crucial role (via NBC Sports).

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Brock Purdy

Nobody spoke about Purdy before December 2022. This was supposed to be Trey Lance’s year after Kyle Shanahan confirmed that he was the starter. But he tore his ACL and gave Jimmy Garoppolo the chance to reclaim his starting spot. However, yet another Jimmy G. injury brought Purdy into the equation. He came out of nowhere to be the perfect fit for their offense.


Suddenly, people were mentioning Purdy in the same breath as Kurt Warner and Tom Brady. The Niners chose him with the final pick of the 2022 Draft so it wasn’t meant to be this way. It appeared that he was destined to fall out of the NFL quickly or float around as a backup. Instead, he showed his talent and led his team to the postseason (via Des Moines Register).

Kurt Warner

Warner is the greatest undrafted NFL player of all time after an astonishing rise to the top. He infamously stocked shelves in a grocery store before he played in the Arena Football League and NFL Europe. Finally, he signed a contract with the Rams and made their roster as a backup quarterback. Nobody expected to play but he came out of nowhere after Trent Green’s injury.

Sports Illustrated

Netflix made a movie about Warner’s extraordinary story because it was so dramatic. He led ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ to the Super Bowl and had a magnificent career. Nothing like this had ever happened before and it was a true Cinderella story. Now he’s a Hall of Famer and one of the most respected men in football (via N.Y. Post).


Tom Brady

Everybody knows how Brady came out of nowhere to become the best player in NFL history. The Patriots made him a sixth-round pick in 2000 and he became their fourth-string QB. Drew Bledsoe was their highly-paid starter but an injury handed Brady a massive opportunity in his sophomore year. Suddenly, Bill Belichick threw the Michigan starlet into action.


It became a truly iconic season because Brady demonstrated maturity beyond his years. He ousted Bledsoe and convinced Belichick that he was the man to lead the franchise forward into their bright future. Meanwhile, he became the youngest Super Bowl-winning quarterback ever. We all know what happened over the next couple of decades as Brady became the quarterback with the most Super Bowl rings in NFL history. But it was an amazing beginning overall (via Indy Star).