Overhyped NFL Teams That Were One-and-Done In The Playoffs

Darren - January 9, 2023

Overhyped NFL Teams That Were One-and-Done In The Playoffs

Darren - January 9, 2023


New York Giants – 2002

The Giants led 38-14 late in the third quarter of this Wild Card game against San Francisco. Somehow they managed to throw it away. Trey Junkin admits that he still has nightmares about his infamous bad snap. Matt Bryant’s missed field goal attempt was another key moment in this defeat.

Bleacher Report

It’s amazing how teams can capitulate after one bad moment. They lose their momentum and suddenly the floodgates open. NFL fans saw that with the Falcons in Super Bowl LI. This was a smaller scale but it captures the reality of the on-field drama (via NBC Sports).

Buffalo Bills – 2017

The Bills Mafia is one of the most passionate NFL fanbases out there. However, they endured an 18-year playoff drought that caused them a lot of pain. Their fans hyped the Bills up when they finally made the Wild Card round against the Jaguars (via Denver Post).


Unfortunately, this was the highlight of their season because all of the euphorias disappeared. This was a bad game of football but Jacksonville got the job done. Blake Bortles rushed for more yards than he threw passing yards in an unlikely victory. Buffalo failed to succeed on a special day for the franchise.

Bleacher Report

Chicago Bears – 2020

Nobody would say that the Bears were Super Bowl contenders in 2020. But it was a lot of fun for neutrals to watch their rise and fall. They began the season with a hot 5-1 streak with Mitchell Trubisky as their quarterback. It appeared that they found the answer to their problem position.

Sports Illustrated

But then they lost six in a row before bouncing back to make the playoffs. The dumbest aspect of this was that they had a great opportunity to win this game against the Saints. However, they became a one-and-done team after Javon Wims missed a brilliant Trubisky pass (via Chicago Bears).

Boston Globe

New England Patriots – 2009

Tom Brady and postseason success go together hand-in-hand. But the iconic quarterback had one of the worst playoff games of his career against the Ravens in the Wild Card round. They defeated them during the regular season but this meant nothing (via Baltimore Ravens).

Boston Globe

New England went unbeaten at home all season before this game. But Baltimore shattered this record by storming to a 20-0 lead. Ironically, Joe Flacco didn’t play well either but their defense was brilliant. Brady threw three interceptions and cost his team dearly.


Carolina Panthers – 2008

Nobody gave the Cardinals much of a shot in the 2008 playoffs after they won the wretched NFC West. Meanwhile, the Panthers were in good shape as the second-ranked team in the postseason. Jake Delhomme was unspectacular but safe.

Charlotte Observer

Unfortunately, he decided to change the course of his career in this game. He threw a ridiculous five interceptions as he fell apart in the clutch. Nobody predicted that he would play so badly but he had one of the worst games in postseason history (via Bleacher Report).

Denver Broncos

Kansas City Chiefs – 1997

This was one of the strongest Kansas City rosters of the nineties that somehow went one-and-done in the playoffs. They stormed to a 13-3 regular season as they won the AFC West. Most people expected them to cruise to victory over the Broncos in the divisional round (via SBNation).

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But Denver’s defense refused to back down and this rocked the Chiefs. Kansas City had a quarterback controversy while Terrell Davis covered himself in vaseline. This had everything but in the end, the Chiefs lost this game at Arrowhead Stadium in ridiculous circumstances.

Bleacher Report

San Diego Chargers – 2009

The Jets crept into the playoffs in 2009 with a 9-7 record. They became an afterthought in most people’s minds as they talked about the potential contenders. But the Chargers were on the other side of the spectrum. The No. 2 seeds went 13-3 in the regular season and excited everybody.

Bleacher Report

Unfortunately, San Diego threw it away in this Divisional Round game as the Jets pulled off a comeback. Philip Rivers delivered an inconsistent display as he threw a couple of interceptions. Furthermore, their lack of discipline cost them dearly because they committed too many penalties (via Reuters).

Sports Illustrated

Tennessee Titans –  2008

The Titans came into this Divisional Round game with vengeance in their hearts. They played the Baltimore Ravens and wanted to right the wrongs of the past. However, fairytales rarely play out in the NFL and this proved to be the case. Tennessee had a stronger team but they couldn’t win the game.


This was remarkably similar to their earlier meeting as the Titans dominated. Once again they didn’t put enough points on the board and the Ravens snatched a win. The 13-3 Titans fell foul of 12 penalties and this hit them hard (via Sports Illustrated). In the end, Baltimore’s productivity proved to be the difference.

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs – 1995

Marty Schottenheimer was excellent at bringing teams to the playoffs. But everything changed when they stepped onto the field in the postseason. His record there left a lot to be desired and this was another one-and-done defeat with the Chiefs. Their fans experienced a lot of suffering over the years but this hurt a lot.

Kansas City Chiefs

Steve Bono had a Pro Bowl year but nobody would have guessed from this performance. The head coach benched him in favor of Rich Gannon after he had a meltdown. Bono’s interceptions and failed completions handed Indy the win (via The Score). It was a wasted opportunity for the Chiefs because they should have gone on a deep run.


Indianapolis Colts – 2005

Everyone thought that this was Peyton Manning’s year after a glorious season. They went on a 13-game winning streak before easing off the gas ahead of the playoffs. A Super Bowl victory appeared to be inevitable but the Steelers burst the Indy bubble (via 247 Sports).

Pittsburgh Steelers

This Pittsburgh team was much better than their seeding suggested. They narrowly lost out on an AFC North title and had a brutal defense. Manning discovered this the hard way after they sacked him five times. Finally, Mike Vanderjagt missed the all-important kick to seal a Steelers’ win.

Dallas Morning News

Dallas Cowboys – 2007

It’s almost a guarantee that the number one seed wins their opening postseason game. We say ‘almost’ because the Cowboys became the first-ranked team in 20 years to lose in the opening round. Shockingly, the 10-6 New York Giants stole a victory (via Bleacher Report).

New York Times

This was crazy because the Cowboys were better in every aspect of the game. But they kept giving away penalties and the Giants made these count. Amazingly, the Cowboys crushed the Giants twice during the regular season. ‘Big Blue’ got its revenge in the New Year.