Controversial Athletes Who Made Awkward Returns To Public Life

Darren - February 27, 2023

Controversial Athletes Who Made Awkward Returns To Public Life

Darren - February 27, 2023

Sporting News

Peyton Manning

Manning was one of the greatest quarterbacks to step onto a football field. He won two Super Bowls and was a five-time NFL MVP during his time with the Colts. Most people may find it surprising that he’s on this list because he avoided controversy throughout his career. But they don’t know about one disgusting incident during his college days (via Bleacher Report).

New York Times

In 1996, Manning allegedly sexually assaulted a young woman when he brandished his penis in front of her. This came after the female doctor examined his foot for a stress fracture. According to the woman, he forced his body parts in her face and she later attended a rape crisis center. However, Manning denied these claims and the University of Tennessee stayed silent.

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Tyreek Hill

Hill was one of the Chiefs’ most exciting and popular players before he left for Miami in 2022. The Super Bowl winner evolved into one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. He also forged a great relationship with Patrick Mahomes but he has a dark side. Hill is no stranger to controversy and that’s why some people don’t like him.

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First, there was an infamous domestic violence case during his college days. He notoriously punched his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach in a vile act. Oklahoma State kicked him off the team before he joined West Alabama. Hill also allegedly hurt his son in a high-profile NFL scandal in 2018. However, he continues to live a shameless mainstream life (via Sporting News).


Floyd Mayweather

Arguably the greatest defensive boxer of all time, Mayweather enjoyed an incredible career. He went 50-0 before his retirement as he forged an amazing unbeaten record. However, there’s no denying that he is a controversial and problematic person. Mayweather even served time in jail for domestic violence.

Bleacher Report

In the end, money talks, and Mayweather has more of it than any athlete ever. Fans continued to flock to his fights despite his sordid history. Meanwhile, boxing promoters didn’t care because he made them very rich. Unfortunately, the boxing world is corrupt and doesn’t care about right or wrong (via Fox Sports).


Dana White

The UFC President is one of the most polarizing figures in the world of sports. He is one of the most ruthless money-grabbers in the business but that also explains his success. However, he made negative headlines in 2022 after he slapped his wife in a casino. She hit him first but White instantly responded in kind (via MMA Fighting).


White infamously said in 2014 about Ray Rice that no man bounces back from hitting a woman. But the UFC President was leading conferences the following week. He also promoted his slap-fighting tournament which was a glorified way of receiving CTE. White said that he had to live with his actions but has no remorse about staying in mainstream life.


Karl Malone

Bomani Jones made waves in 2023 when he reminded the world about Malone’s dark past. This topic arose because the NBA invited Malone to attend the All-Star weekend. Malone infamously impregnated a 13-year-old girl when he was in college. But somehow he shook this off and enjoyed a long basketball career (via The Sportsrush).


Malone never faced any consequences for this vile act. He also notoriously refused to recognize his biological child until he was 17. This says a lot about the type of man that Malone is. However, he drives his semi-truck around so people think he’s a good guy. But the opposite is true because he doesn’t belong in mainstream life.