Legendary Loudmouths: Ranking The NBA’s Loudest Trash-Talkers Of All Time

Darren - May 11, 2023

Legendary Loudmouths: Ranking The NBA’s Loudest Trash-Talkers Of All Time

Darren - May 11, 2023

Trash-talking is one of the most exciting aspects of basketball. Certain long-time basketball fans may feel like it’s becoming a dying art these days. Yet there was a time when the biggest names in the sport trolled each other relentlessly on the court. There are still a few stars who call each other out and antagonize each other. But overall, modern players can learn a lot from some of the greatest trash-talkers of all time.

Today we’ll look at some of the best trash-talkers in the NBA, both past and present. We’ll remember their greatest moments and capture the essence of effective trash talk. And of course, anybody can talk but the top trash-talkers back it up on the court. Check out this great list of star players now.

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Russell Westbrook

Westbrook is one of the most notorious trash-talkers of the modern era. The former MVP loves to mix it up with his opponents on the court. Some fans think that he doesn’t have a right to be so vocal but he’s had a great career. Damian Lillard said that Westbrook even talks to himself when nobody else is listening.

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That’s because he has a winning mentality and wants to motivate himself. Westbrook famously had a rivalry with Joel Embiid that saw the two go back and forth. There’s no doubt that Westbrook likes the sound of his voice and isn’t afraid to confront his rivals. That’s exciting because there aren’t many players like him today (via Basketball Forever).


Allen Iverson

Iverson was once one of the NBA’s best guards and spent his prime years with the 76ers. ‘The Answer’ was also one of the game’s top trash-talkers and lit up games with his words. He famously went head-to-head with Kobe Bryant during the 2001 Finals as the Sixers pushed the Lakers to the brink.


Later, Bryant claimed that it didn’t faze him but Iverson was on a one-man mission. His words rattled the Lakers in the first game of the series as Philly took the lead. In the end, it was all for nothing but it made for an entertaining clash. Iverson also destroyed LeBron James during the 2005 All-Star game (via Essentially Sports).

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Shaquille O’Neal

‘Shaq’ was unstoppable on the court during his heyday with the Lakers. But he was also a relentless trash-talker and targeted everybody that crossed him. This included rivals like Patrick Ewing but he also went after his teammate, Kobe Bryant. O’Neal and ‘The Black Mamba’ played for the same team but they resented each other.


Meanwhile, O’Neal continues to prove that he’s a master troll. He famously went after Oprah after she joined Twitter and targeted many other celebrities. The big man enjoys having fun but he rubs some people the wrong way. Most people love it when Shaq talks trash because he does it with a smile on his face (via Bleacher Report).

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Kawhi Leonard

Leonard’s trash talk is infamous across the NBA because it’s so strange. Allegedly, he doesn’t speak in full sentences to his opponents. He simply says “bucket” or “layup” when there’s a moment where he dominated a rival. He speaks in a robotic way that leaves the opposition confused (via USA Today Sports).

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Meanwhile, people don’t trash Leonard on the court very often. His L.A. teammate, Paul George, says that even the best respect him for his work rate. Fans don’t show the Clippers star the same appreciation. Some of them see him as a cold mercenary but there’s no denying his talent.


Dillon Brooks

Veteran NBA fans often complain that there are fewer trash talkers in the modern game. But the modern version of the Memphis Grizzlies are on a one-team mission to change this. Their young roster is amazing at annoying their opponents and Brooks led the way. He’s one of the best trash talkers in the sport today as his opponents including Draymond Green can attest.

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Brooks successfully got under the skin of big names like Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving. His critics will say that he doesn’t belong in the same category as these athletes. Nonetheless, every team should have a player like Brooks who will disrupt opponents. Brooks drives them crazy but sometimes he goes too far (via The Mirror). And the Grizzlies apparently think so too, as they recently announced Brooks would not be returning to the team for the 2023-24 season.

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Dennis Rodman

Nobody liked playing against the Pistons during the late ’80s and early ’90s. They played dirty and didn’t mind breaking a few rules along the way. Everybody hated them because they were masters of the dark arts. Rodman was one of the faces of this team along with Isiah Thomas (via The Sports Rush).

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Rodman developed a reputation as one of the league’s top trash-talkers. A few screws are missing in Rodman’s brain and perhaps that’s why he had no filter. He even went after people after he retired including his old rival Magic Johnson. Furthermore, he slated Draymond Green after he compared himself to the Warriors’ great.


Sam Cassell

These days many people don’t mention Cassell when they talk about other great players from his era. But the Maine native was a brilliant athlete and one of the most clutch stars of his day. The three-time NBA Champion was also one of the biggest trash-talkers in the league for two decades.

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Cassell could talk the hind leg off a donkey and regularly did so. Many people struggled to understand him but that didn’t stop him from offering his two cents. He famously trash-talked Kobe Bryant and LeBron James amongst many other stars. In the end, he had three rings so nobody could do anything about it (via Sportsnaut).


Luka Doncic

Doncic is one of a pack of European players who are dominating the modern NBA. He’s also one of the most vocal with some excellent trash-talking moments. He rattled Devin Booker’s cage in 2023 when he told him not to wait until there are just three seconds left. This infuriated the Phoenix star and ignited a ruckus.

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The Slovenian is also excellent at ignoring trash talk. He refused to allow Dillon Brooks to antagonize him in one encounter, despite the latter’s best efforts. Dallas knows that they’ve got one of the league’s best players in Doncic. Hopefully, he can raise his trash-talk game to even greater heights one day (via Dallas Morning News).

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Metta World Peace

Ron Artest was a lunatic but that’s also why people loved him. He was a maniac on the court as well as one of the most irreverent trash-talkers ever. James Harden felt the full brunt of Artest’s ruthless nature after the latter refused to shake his hand. “I don’t shake substitute’s hands,” the polarizing star said (via Insider).


Harden went on to become one of the top players of his era but this was a chastening moment. Meanwhile, Metta went after the likes of Paul Pierce and Kobe Bryant without remorse. This didn’t always work but he didn’t care because that’s the type of person he was. Every team needs a good trash-talker and Artest eagerly accepted this role.

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Draymond Green

Many people think that Green is the biggest trash-talker of the modern era. He’s also one of the dirtiest players but there’s no denying that he is effective. It doesn’t matter how big anybody’s reputation is because he will come after them. LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce have all felt his wrath.

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Green explained that his style came from his tough upbringing. He said: “There is an art to trash talking. If you grew up in Saginaw, Michigan, it’s naturally given to you. For me personally, growing up the way I did, you can’t survive if you can’t talk on the court (via Sportskeeda).” That doesn’t make life easier for his rivals but the Warriors love him.

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Ja Morant

Morant is one of the most confident young players in the NBA today. He’s also developing a reputation as one of the most committed trash talkers. His teammate, Dillon Brooks, plays the game with an edge. But Morant has flair and incredible skills that he combines with bold confidence.


There’s a reason why the Grizzlies are one of the most fun teams to watch (via Commercial Appeal). Jayson Tatum and Steph Curry are two massive names to experience Morant’s wrath. Sometimes it backfires on the young man because the Grizzlies are an inconsistent young team. But it’s always entertaining when these stars put themselves out there.

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Kevin Durant

Draymond Green believes that Durant is one of the best current trash-talkers in the NBA. Green is also a contender so he knows what he’s talking about. Many people wouldn’t immediately think of Durant but he’s one of the best in the business. He says what he thinks and is a master of mental warfare.


Green said: “KD would turn the dude around like trying to look at the back of his jersey like to see the name on the back. K would say stuff to people and you’re like, yo, you’re Kevin Durant. There’s not much I can say back” (via NBC Sports). Imagine Durant being so condescending to one of the league’s lesser players.


Reggie Miller

Trash-talking the Knicks shouldn’t win anybody a place on this list because it’s too easy. But when Miller did it in the 1990s, it was funny because he repeatedly screamed ‘choke artists, choke artists.’ He wasn’t lying and he managed to get under their skin with his words. Miller had a long record of verbally abusing his opponents and turned it into an art form.


A young Miller even had the confidence to go after one of the greatest ever. He said, “You’re Michael Jordan, the guy who walks on water?” in one of the most disparaging lines ever. Miller spent his entire career with the Pacers and made five All-Star appearances. He was also one of the best shooters in history as well as one of the top trash-talkers (via NBC Sports).

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Michael Jordan

The best trash-talkers back up their words on the court and that’s exactly what Jordan did. The Chicago icon destroyed the Cavs’ Craig Ehlo in one ruthless performance as he humiliated him on the hardwood. But Jordan was also occasionally cruel in his brilliance as Muggsy Bogues will attest (via Clutchpoints).


Bogues was the shortest NBA player and this was a lot to deal with because he was an easy target for trash-talkers. Jordan had no problem saying, “Shoot the ball, midget” when he faced him in 1996. He didn’t spare his teammates either as he sneered at Rip Hamilton when he wanted to join the Jordan shoe brand.


Joel Embiid

There was a time when people called Embiid a bully because he went too far with his trash talk. Some analysts believed that he chased low-hanging fruit instead of picking on his rivals. He famously told Karl-Anthony Towns that he owned him and relentlessly castigated the Minnesota star.

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Embiid is a huge competitor and refuses to allow anybody to psychologically dominate him. Remember, this man took the long road to the NBA from Cameroon. He also sparred with Kevin Durant and rap artist Drake at various points in his career. There’s no stopping in Embiid when someone lights a fire underneath him (via Philly Mag).


Devin Booker

Tim Hardaway praised Booker in 2023 because he took on the mantle of team trash-talker. Booker says that he doesn’t start to trash-talk but he finishes it. These days he has a massive rivalry with Dallas MVP contender Luka Doncic. It’s safe to say that Booker isn’t afraid to say what he thinks.


Klay Thompson also experienced Booker’s trash-talk attempts. Booker doesn’t lack confidence, even if some fans find him a little bit cringe-worthy. But the NBA needs characters and his troll-job attempts make the league a more interesting place. He’s not in the same class as greats like Larry Bird but at least he isn’t boring (via Yardbreaker).

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Patrick Beverley

Beverley lives on the edge of every game he plays. The point guard is one of the most intense athletes in the sport and one of the biggest trash-talkers. It feels like he’s had run-ins with all of the big names in the league. Steph Curry, Paul George, and Kahwi Leonard are just a few of the stars who experienced his wrath.

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Some people think he’s compensating for his limited abilities. But the reality is that great teams always have players like Draymond Green, Dennis Rodman, and Beverley. He won’t win any neutral fans but his franchise loves him and sees his value. Sometimes it makes him a liability but it’s often useful (via NBC Sports).


Kobe Bryant

The “Black Mamba” was among the most brilliant trash-talkers the NBA has ever seen. He dedicated himself to the cause and was cold in his delivery. Bryant famously went to the effort of learning French because he wanted to troll Tony Parker. He was also ruthless toward his teammates like Kwame Brown and Chris Mihm.


Modern icons like Kevin Durant and James Harden felt Bryant’s ire. He once said, “maybe one day they’ll sit at my lunch table.” Even LeBron James didn’t escape as Bryant made a scathing comment about the decision. He told him to enjoy his MVP win in whatever city because the Lakers were winning championships (via Complex).

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Charles Barkley

Barkley was one of the most popular players of his era because of his competitive style and wide grin. He never won a ring with the Suns but he was one of their all-time greats. Meanwhile, Barkley had a big mouth and went after everybody with great trash-talk. Reputations didn’t intimidate him because he went after everybody.

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Barkley famously shredded the Bulls and Michael Jordan in 1993. He said. “We better not be doing the Bulls this year. Man, they suck! Bunch of high school kids with $70 million contracts. Damn! I hate my mother for having me too soon.” In the end, the Bulls had the last laugh but this was a brilliant line (via Sportskeeda).


Jimmy Butler

Butler is one of the grittiest athletes of the modern era and has a tremendous work ethic. The Miami star is also a gifted trash-talker as Karl-Anthony Town discovered. Butler infamously told Towns that he is as “soft as baby s***.” He also said, “I already punked you once” (via USA Today Sports).


The Heat player also demolished Devin Booker in one exchange. However, he failed to rattle LeBron James who refused to engage with him. James said his gameplay did the talking and that he didn’t need to say anything else. Nonetheless, Butler is a great trash-talker and it’s entertaining for fans to hear him in action.

Hakeem Olajuwon

Kevin Garnett was one of the greatest trash-talkers in NBA history. But even he believes that ‘The Dream’ is another contender for the best in the business. There’s been a couple of occasions where Garnett praised Olajuwon for his trash-talking abilities. He said that he was a nightmare on the court because of his confidence.

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According to Garnett, ‘The Dream told his rivals what he was going to do. “Olajuwon would take his mouthpiece out and say, ‘I’m here to hit him with lateral movement!” Garnett explained (via Basketball Network). “He can’t do anything!’ How do I even respond to that? I have nothing for that.”

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Gary Payton

Payton was arguably Seattle’s greatest-ever player and also had one of the biggest mouths. But he earned the right to say what he wanted because he was on another level. There weren’t many athletes who had the confidence to sneer at Shaquille O’Neal. But Payton had no qualms about shutting the Lakers’ star down.

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He once infamously told Jamie Feick that he wouldn’t be in the league the following year. This was true but it was a harsh thing to say. Payton also admitted that he if knew anything about anybody’s family members he went after them without hesitation. This made him one of the sport’s most notorious trash-talkers (via USA Today Sports).


Rasheed Wallace

There’s a good reason why many rival fans hated Wallace. The four-time All-Star was one of the most vocal trash-talkers that the NBA has ever seen. Wallace spent the bulk of his career with the Trail Blazers but won a ring in Detroit. If there was an NBA award for trash talking, Wallace would have been an annual contender.

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He trolled opponents on the court and roared at rivals on the bench. Meanwhile, he antagonized referees and officials when things didn’t go his way. One game against the Memphis Grizzlies saw him at his best when he destroyed Rudy Gay. Wallace didn’t care who he insulted but he gave his team confidence (via SBNation).


Kevin Garnett

Early Garnett fans wouldn’t have expected him to become one of the league’s biggest trash-talkers. But that’s precisely what happened as he settled into his NBA career. The former Boston star was responsible for one of the most disgusting trash talk lines of all time. He infamously told Carmelo Anthony that his wife Lala tasted “like honey-nut Cheerios.”

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This was Garnett’s standout moment but he had many more. He famously went back and forth with Charles Barkley and trolled the Suns’ icon about his lack of rings. The best trash talkers also back their words up on the court. This 15-time All-Star was an NBA champion and can say whatever he wants (via The Ringer).

Larry Bird

Michael Jordan believes Bird was the most savage trash-talker he ever faced. The Celtics star didn’t hold back with some legendary lines. During one three-point contest, he asked his rivals who was playing for second. Then he backed his words up by winning the shooting title. Bird’s trash talk ignited fights and brawls because he infuriated everybody.

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The Celtics’ hero didn’t care who he spoke to because everybody felt the heat. One iconic display against the Hawks tells everything we need to know because Bird dropped 60 points. He kept repeating, ‘Who wants it next’ as he demolished Atlanta. Bird talked the talk and he also walked the walk (via Viral Hoops).