Never Give Up: NFL Stars Who Were Written Off and Stormed Back

Darren - January 17, 2023

Never Give Up: NFL Stars Who Were Written Off and Stormed Back

Darren - January 17, 2023

New York Times

Adrian Peterson

In hindsight, it seems laughable that people wrote Peterson off in 2012. The wide receiver came off a career season before he tore his ACL and MCL. Many armchair critics shook their heads and said that was the end of the Vikings’ running back. But he proved them wrong as he stormed back from his recovery.

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Peterson won the NFL MVP award for his efforts in 2012. He also ludicrously played through a sports hernia for a chunk of the year as he showed his toughness. Some people think that he deserved the Comeback Player award instead of Peyton Manning too. But both men delivered in a unique year for the sport (via The Athletic).

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Peyton Manning

Everybody thought that Manning’s career was over after he left the Colts. He returned from neck surgery but Indianapolis thought that it wasn’t worth the gamble. It helped that they tanked the season that he sat out and they replaced him with Andrew Luck. But Manning still had suitors and went to the Mile High City.


They became a contender in his second season and went to the Super Bowl. But he had a bad game and they suffered a shocking loss. People wrote him off again but Manning stormed back the following year. He captured an elusive second ring with Denver as well, even if he didn’t play very well (via

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Tom Brady (2016)

Brady always had doubters but they were especially loud in 2016. Max Kellerman infamously wrote the quarterback off and claimed that he was entering the twilight of his career. The Patriots icon mocked his statement because his number improved as he reached his forties.


Kellerman predicted that Brady would fall off a cliff but that’s not what happened. He won his sixth Super Bowl and he also claimed the game’s MVP award. Meanwhile, we all know what happened when he moved to Tampa Bay. Brady maintained a high level later than anyone expected (via

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Garrison Hearst

Hearst was lucky to keep his leg, never mind playing again in the NFL. The running back infamously broke it in a game against the Falcons. He fell awkwardly and caught his foot on the ground. But the worst part was the necrosis that caused the bone to degenerate. In short, his leg was dying (via Sports Illustrated).

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It took Hearst 34 months of treatment and rehab before he returned for the 49ers. He wasn’t there to make up the numbers because he put up great numbers. It’s not a shock that he won the Comeback Player of the Year award after he stormed back from injury. His heart and indomitable spirit deserve a lot of credit because it was so inspiring.